Privacy policy

This privacy policy is applied by the Professional Association of Roads and Bridges in Romania (hereinafter referred to as the Operator or A.P.D.P.), a professional association based in Bucharest, Dinicu Golescu Blvd. 41, apt. 37, sector 1, established by the Civil Sentence no. 1568 / 04.06.1990 issued in the file no. 1601 / PJ / 1990, registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations of the District Court 1 at Item 212 / 17.07.2002, CUI RO 4631659, represented by President Anton Valentin, administrator of  and


Our privacy policy takes into account the legal provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereafter referred to as follows the GDPR Regulation).


This document applies to both the existing members and the staff employed by the A.P.D.P. Romania, but also individuals who intend to adhere to A.P.D.P. and complete and submit the application for membership in the association. It also applies to individuals participating in the congress organized by A.P.D.P.


We need your data just for the purpose of ensuring the organization and operation of the association and we will collect only those data who are necessary and sufficient to achieve our stated purpose.


Specifically, from A.P.D.P. and the hired staff, we are collecting: name, surname, ID, home, serial number and ID card number, CNP, email address, phone number, position and company where they work. These data are necessary for the purpose of fulfilling a legitimate interest of the Operator - the good organization and functioning of the A.P.D.P. and are processed on the basis of prior consent.


From individuals who intend to join A.P.D.P. we collect the information they expressly make available to us when filling in the organizational registration form, namely: name, surname, email address, telephone number. These data are taken on a consent basis.


We collect personal data from the users of , who send us the request to participate in the A.D.P.D. congress, in which case we request: name, surname, company to which the individual applicant is a member, the position, telephone, fax, email, first name and first name of the accompanying person. Additionally, in order to participate in the congress and facilitate the accommodation, we can also request the date and time of arrival at the congress place, the dates indicated by the participant to make the reservation at the hotel with whom the A.P.D.P. organizes the event, type and room number, preferences regarding the materials provided by A.P.D.P. and so on. The completion of the registration system at Congress requires payment of a registration fee, in which case A.P.D.P. will have access to the account number and bank of the participant or organization paying the participation fee. Participating in Congress may involve the processing of photographic and video images to promote the event.


We collect and process the aforementioned information with the main purpose of ensuring the organization and operation of the association with a view to organizing congresses, symposia, conferences and exchanges of professional experience in order to transmit to the members conventions and informative materials for both regular meetings (ordinary) as well as extraordinary.


We also aim at representing, promoting and defending the professional interests of our road and bridge members, analyzing and debating road and road transport issues, promoting modern and unitary forms of road organization, training and continuous improvement of our members.


As we work, we may use your data in response to requests from regulatory enforcement agencies, government entities, and official investigations.


IMPORTANT is that we do not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties for the purpose of direct third party marketing.


However, we will forward certain dates to our co-contractors for the organization of the A.P.D.P. Congress for your participation in congresses, congress events, as well as booking your accommodation throughout the congress. These data will be strictly limited to name, surname and, if applicable, your function and organization.


We will also disclose your information if we consider that this is required by applicable law, regulation, procedure or legal process at the request of a public authority, or when disclosure of this information is appropriate due to issues of safety or similar nature.


We may send your information differently from what is described in this policy, if we notify you and you agree.


You can withdraw your consent to process your data at any time. If you withdraw your consent, you will no longer be able to use the services or features that require the collection or use of the information we have obtained or used on our consent.


You may choose not to receive promotional emails from A.P.D.P. through a simple email at  with the GDRP topic.


Note, however, that if you opt out of receiving promotional messages, we may still send you non-promotional messages, such as meeting convictions, informational materials, information about your fees and contributions to A.P.D.P. and / or registration fee at Congress.


At the same time, by signing up for the congress, you understand and accept that we may use your data to promote the event.


We keep the information for as long as you are a member of A.P.D.P. or how long the contractual relationship with A.P.D.P. If you attend the A.P.P. Congress, your personal data (including photographic images) can be used for a period of 10 years.


You always have the right to be forgotten. However, consider that there are certain situations in which we will not respond to your request, namely when, as a result of our activity or the services we have provided to you, there have been divergences, litigation, etc., which must be solved amicably or by court order.


Under GDPR, you have new rights to use your personal information.

  • the right of access - that is, the right to be notified if personal data is processed and if so, you have the right to request access to them, to obtain a copy of the processed personal data. For information and additional copies, we will charge you a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.
  • the right to be forgotten - that is, the right to ask us to delete your personal data. You can request this directly at  with the GDRP topic.
  • the right to restrict - that is, the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data. In this case, the data will be marked and can only be processed for certain purposes.
  • the right to rectification - that is, the right to obtain from us rectification of your incorrect personal data and the right to correct them, and you may fill in the incomplete data whenever you consider it necessary.
  • the right to portability - that is, the right to receive your personal data that you have provided us in a structured, common, machine-readable format. You also have the right to transmit this data to another entity without objections on our part.
  • the right to object - that is to say, the right to object to us regarding the reasons for your situation with regard to the processing of our personal data. If you exercise your right to object, we will no longer process your personal data for that purpose. This right may be invalidated in particular if processing of your personal data is necessary for formalities connected with the conclusion of a contract already concluded. If you have any objections, you can email them at  with the GDRP topic.
  • the right to complain to ANSPDCP - that is, the right to address you with a complaint to the National Personal Data Processing Supervisory Authority (ANSPDCP) if you believe that your data has not been processed in accordance with the law.


We make every effort to answer and respond to your requests within one month of receipt of your requests. This deadline can be extended according to the GDPR Regulation by a maximum of 2 months, if necessary, taking into account the number of applications and the complexity of the requests.


In this context, consider that in order to respond to any personal data request, we will take all necessary steps to verify your identity in order to avoid possible fraud.


We may occasionally update this policy. If you use our services after an update, you agree with the updated policy.